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In the Sacramento beer scene, the breweries are going all out to give life the much needed flair. In the current society, people are looking for a way to enrich their social life and the Sacramento breweries are among the places where the magic happen. The breweries have innovative and modern ways to have fun and bring communities together when they share a cool beer. Whenever you are looking to have some unchecked fun, try any of these top five new and energetic joints for the experience of a lifetime.

  1. Moonraker

This is a brewer rated among the top new breweries in the world. When it comes to capturing and reproducing the refreshing taste derived from a mystical touch in brewing, the Moonraker has perfected the art of making beers that appeal to the tastes buds. In their, hazy, clear or dark blends, the brewery offers a mix of uniqueness and refreshment that leaves your entire body yearning for more.

2.Track7 Brewing Company

This is a company whose desire to give the best beer experience to the consumer has resulted in a new and innovate product market which gives you the opportunity to witness your beer being prepared. Nothing beats the feeling of drinking a fresh beer direct from the source. With their signature beer taps, the company experiments with different brands which are energetic and motivated to improve the experience of the customer in every way. Their attention to detail is a mystery that baffles me which produces unmatched quality with every batch they put out.

3. Claimstake

Claimstake is a brewery with a neck for quality improvement and exceeding limits with their wide range of products. With every visit, the experience is better than the last because they are always tinkering with their beer flavors and brands. Claimstake’s magical recipes combine the best ingredients in fruits and beers to provide a delicacy that every beer love can appreciate. Their flavors and additives have continued to improve with every production batch which will keep you coming back for more.

4. Oak Park Brewing Company

The drinking experience at Oak Park Brewing is illuminated by the uniqueness of the rich scenes and the cryptic atmosphere which the architecture of the Oak Park earliest Sacramento building boosts. Every sip in here makes the experience worthwhile because they combine western kick to the smooth finishing of malt based beers. Oak Park Brewing Company is an oasis for the lovers of exotic beers to come and immerse themselves in the beauty of rustic buildings for a mind blowing drinking experience.

5. Ruhstaller Brewing Company

Brewing is an art and thanks to the company's founder Captain Frank, Ruhstaller brewing has had over a century to perfect their craft. This is a 130 year old tradition that has seen regimes come and go but remain a customers favorite. They say old is gold and when looking for a refreshing drink, there is no better place to start than with the legacy that Ruhstaller Brewing company has perfected for years. There is no better beer than a brand known and trusted by everyone which represents unmatched quality from the accumulated expertise. Ruhstaller has the brewing exposure and understands the market hence they tailer their products to match consumer preferences which means your beer needs are prioritized for a maximum refreshing experience.

These breweries and numerous others around Sacramentoprovide beer lovers with the opportunity to have fun within a close knit community through special events and other interactions that go along away in enriching leisure and entertainment experiences. They have good and relaxed atmospheres, coupled with other products which makes Sacramento breweries preferred destinations for all those looking to wind-down after a tiring day at work or spend quality time with friends sipping the best beers laden with exotic twists, blends and flavors.

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